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Legendary Media Mogul Reg Grundy had the vision and drive to achieve what others could not even imagine. Before global distribution existed, before internet and before widely available international travel, Grundy took his innovative formats and series around the globe, setting up local productions in over 80 countries worldwide! He was first to see the value in format ownership and creating locally produced global adaptations. With his wife and partner Joy Chambers-Grundy, he built the largest independent production company in the world, amassing an impressive and valuable library of over 180 separate series, setting an industry record.


Reg Grundy put Australian television on the map and brought the world massive hits including: “Neighbours,” “Prisoner: Cell Block H,” “Sons and Daughters,” “Wheel of Fortune,” “Blankety Blanks” “Questions Pour Un Champion,” “Sale of the Century” and hundreds more series, dramas, game shows and movies. His work continues to captivate audiences today.
Reg Grundy is celebrated as the founding father of Global Entertainment and Distribution and the Godfather of Australian Television.

Over five decades, along with his wife Joy, Reg Grundy built the largest independent media production company and content library in the world

The Reg Grundy Innovation Award

Reg Grundy And Joy Chambers-Grundy
The Reg Grundy Innovation Award

The Monaco Streaming Film Festival and Grundy Media have joined forces to recognize today’s top visionaries in global media. The Reg Grundy Innovation Award recognizes those industry game changers who, like Reg Grundy, have boldly and brilliantly expanded the Global Entertainment Industry in unparalleled ways across all platforms.

Winners of the Award have made historic contributions to expand and elevate worldwide entertainment on an unprecedented scale. They embody the type of vision, drive, character, spirit and success that made Reg Grundy a legendary media mogul.

The Reg Grundy Innovation Award Past Recipients

James Cameron
Monaco Streaming Film Festival 2022 Reg Grundy Innovation Award Winner Laurel James Cameron

Industry icon James Cameron was recognized for his decades of revolutionary contributions to the film industry. He continues to amaze audiences worldwide with his groundbreaking achievements as a Director and Producer. His innovative movies are experiences that blow audiences away with technological achievements they have never before seen, and will never forget. From “Terminator,” to “Titanic” to “Avatar,” his vision and passion sets the bar, exceeds it, and opens the door for others to follow.

Jon Favreau
Monaco Streaming Film Festival 2021 Reg Grundy Innovation Award Winner Laurel Jon Favreau

Brilliant Director/Producer Jon Favreau was celebrated with the Inaugural 2021 Reg Grundy Innovation for the cutting-edge achievements he’s brought to the Streaming and film industry. Combining his passions for storytelling and technology, Favreau envisioned and brought to life the Marvel Cinematic Universe of Iron Man and the amazing world of “Lion King.” He developed immersive real time video walls that pushed the boundaries of technology on Mandalorian, delivering the first breakout hit for Disney+.