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2022 Conference

The Festival hosts an array of keynotes and panel discussions with key individuals in VOD, production, and distribution. Listen, learn, and take part in Q&A sessions with industry leaders.

Discuss the burning issues around the future of AVOD, SVOD, and TVOD with the leaders of content production, content distribution, and the technology driving the sector and help shape the future.

A conversation with Suzy Amis Cameron and Amy Taylor

Cherie Blair – The Rock Pile

A conversation with Jeff Fahey

A conversation with Michael Flatley

Innovation in home entertainment – bringing cinema to the home

Producing in Hollywood

CTV eats streaming

Global streaming isn’t just for giants

Streaming distribution strategies

The MEA marketplace

The evolution of streaming

How production financing is evolving

NFT 101

Crypto financing – NFTs aren’t just apes and cats

Content creation and showrunning

Understanding audiences

Socially conscious content creation

Evolution of music within the innovation of content

Alternative media

Product placement

Content marketing: pivoting from film to streaming

Diversity: women in the industry

The power of influence