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Global Streaming Isn't Just For Giants

Global streaming isn’t just for giants
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How is VOD evolving today? What are AVOD + FAST and how do they influence today’s VOD competitive streaming landscape and intersect with SVOD? In this session, hear how SVOD – beyond the Big Five global players, to the mainstream competitors and complementary international thematic, niche platforms – can co-exist with AVOD + FAST, including how to get content onto the new models, impacting streaming platform sustainability and growth.

A panel discussion moderated by Gavin Bridge, VARIETY INTELLIGENCE PLATFORM.

Featuring Juraj Vanko, FILMZIE,  Shelley Madison, ALTRD.TV, Mehmet Eroglu, FOXXUM & RLAXX TV, Wendy Bernfeld, RIGHTS STUFF BV, and Nicholas Selz, YOUTUBE.