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Diversity: Women In The Industry

Diversity: women in the industry
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Historically, men have dominated senior roles within many industries, including entertainment. More recently, we have seen women rise to leadership roles, but having had to fight harder for the same opportunities and pay. In this panel, you will hear insights and experiences from accomplished industry female leaders who have successfully navigated a traditional system to accomplish goals—and dreams.

A panel discussion moderated by Wendy Bernfeld, RIGHTS STUFF BV, and Nathalie Morley, ALLRITES.

Featuring Amanda Groom, THE BRIDGE, Kirsty Bell, GOLDFINCH, Fatma Mansy, Shelly Madison, ALTRD.TV, Thea Cole, LATIMER GROUP, Stephanie Benjamin, SUCCESSLIFEGOAL, and Donna Smith, PERSNICKETY PRODUCTIONS / 2W ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK.