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Crypto Financing: NFTs Aren't Just Apes And Cats

Crypto financing – NFTs aren’t just apes and cats
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Everyone has heard of NFTs, but what are they and are how are they being used in today’s streaming content world? Do they provide an alternative way to fund a production, and is this already occurring? In this session, learn about how NFTs are being used in the entertainment industry, the impact they are having in supporting modern content distribution, and how they successfully offer investors added value.

A panel discussion moderated by Gavin Bridge, VARIETY INTELLIGENCE PLATFORM.

Featuring Phil Mckenzie, GOLDFINCH, Alexander Amartei, ARABIAN CAMELS, Morten Rongaard, REALITY GAMING GROUP, Shelley Madison, ALTRD.TV, Slavica Bogdanov, EMPOWERING ENTERTAINMENT, Steve Kamer, INSIDE THE BLOCK, Paris Alexandros, LORD OF WAR, Mark Højgaard, COINIFY, and James Wilson, MONTAGE CAPITAL GROUP.