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Cherie Blair - The Rock Pile

Cherie Blair - The Rock Pile
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Cherie Blair, a leading international human rights lawyer and wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, is a passionate campaigner for women’s equality. Blair will be talking about women in film and why she has taken on the role of Executive Producer for the film The Rock Pile, written by W. David McBrayer. She will discuss the film, currently in development, which will be produced by Alexandra Milchan (‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’) alongside director and producer, John Deery (‘Conspiracy of Silence’) of Joejack Entertainment, London.

Inspired by true events and set in present-day Jerusalem, The Rock Pile will tell the story of three boys of different faiths who, feeling trapped by the on-going conflict in Israel, take out their frustrations by throwing rocks at each other from atop mounds of rubble in the Old City. The film will follow a disillusioned war correspondent, Erin Carter, as she uncovers a compelling story of redemption, reconciliation and hope amidst the boys’ fights, football matches and blossoming friendship.

Hosted by Steven Adams, ALTA GLOBAL MEDIA.