Monaco Streaming Film Festival 2022 Tuesday 31st May to Friday 3rd June 2022

Monaco Streaming Film Festival 2021 in numbers

The first of its kind, Monaco Streaming Film Festival 2021 took its first steps on the red carpet and streamed everything on its programme worldwide – four days of in-person and simultaneous online programming.






Live viewers

The Festival

The Streaming Film Festival, in conjunction with The Reg Grundy Innovation Award, is a hybrid “Festival-meets-Summit” experience, celebrating the film and content streaming industry’s producers, creators and talent. We provide film and content production industry know-how, strategy, networking and leverage streaming technology to power the Festival. Come and meet content acquisition teams, distributors, producers, financiers and talent.

    Live + Digital Experience

    The Festival is a live forum in Monaco plus a live streamed three day event. The Festival will host content screenings and premieres; keynote speeches, conferences and panel interactions; masterclasses; content marketplace and gala awards.

    Join a global network of exciting live sessions, the virtual market place, premieres, master classes and entertaining live stages hosted by influencers and key individuals of the streaming industry around the world.


    The Marketplace is an international film and content market, showcasing Feature Films, Short Films, including documentaries and animation and social media videos, seeking distribution.

    Join us to showcase your productions to an audience of acquirers from the platforms, distributors and sales agents.

    Join us to review the latest media technology available to support production, distribution and content enjoyment.

    We are open for submissions.

    Submit a Film

    Content Platform

    We are building and shortly launching a proprietary Content Platform dedicated to On-Demand Content.

    The Content Platform will feature the following opportunities:

    • Content for Acquisition for distribution
    • Treatments for pre-production finance
    • Packages for production finance
    • Insights
    • Masterclasses
    • Free Content to View