Speakers Lineup

The Monaco Streaming Film Festival is welcoming thought leaders around the world to participate in the MCSFF conferences and events as Keynote Speakers, live and virtually.

Social Media Personality
CEO of The Digital Entertainment Group
White Feather Foundation
Owner of On-E Records
Content Distribution Specialist, Red Head Global
Georgia State
Princess Grace Foundation
Nera Economic Consulting
Film Producer and Entertainment Expert at Google
Executive Producer
Chinneylove Eze Productions
Managing Director at The Entertainment Globalization Association
Global Environmental Media
Producer The Biggest Loser
Celebrity Photographer
IBM Watson Media
CBC Capital
Jacaranda Consultants Film and TV Finance
Founder at IkonoTV TV
Music Producer and Film Soundtracks (Bruno, The Dictator, Borat)
Producer, Director and Creator of MasterChef
Springer Publicity
SPI International
Nigerian International Film & TV Summit
Formula 1 Cameraman
Warner Media HBO
CEO RG Capital Group
CEO, UFT Commercial Finance
Chairman, MoviePlanet
Ambassador of Innovation at Arte TV
Managing Director Preen Agency London
CEO at Goldfinch
CEO of the Vision Films
Consultant Executive Producer at Disney + Hotstar
Director, Content Partnership Development at Vivendi, Dailymotion
CEO at Coinify
Founder And President, Mounia Aram Company
Senior VP Content Acquisitions at Allrites
Syncr Media
CEO and Founder, ScreenHits TV
Home Alone Producer and Music Manager
Film Producer
IBM Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Thought Leader
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