The Monaco Streaming Film Festival 2022The festival and film marketplace for the vod industry Tuesday 31st May to Friday 3rd June 2022

Watch, Enjoy, Network, Learn, Discuss, Buy, Sell, Celebrate, Recognise and Acknowledge

Premieres and Screenings: Watch - Enjoy

The Monaco Streaming Film Festival is a global showcase for new original VOD content. We will host three motion picture premieres and an array of motion picture and short film screenings. The screenings will be live in Monaco at The Grimaldi Forum Theatre. The additional virtual screenings will be showcased through our on-line platform to a global audience. Join us live or online to view and enjoy some of the best new original content.

Conferences and Summits: Network – Learn - Discuss

The Festival will host an array of summits, conferences, keynotes and panel discussions with key individuals in VOD, production and distribution. Come and listen and learn from these speakers. Take part in Q&A sessions with industry leaders. Discuss the burning issues around the future of AVOD, SVOD and TVOD. Listen to the leaders of content production, content distribution and the technology driving the sector and help shape the future! The conferences are live in Monaco and online through the virtual platform.

The Market Place: Buy - Sell

The Monaco Streaming Film Festival is a market place for original content sales and acquisition. You will meet VOD streaming platform acquisition teams; global media companies, distributors and sales agents all seeking to acquire original global content.

The Market Place is a dynamic environment to discover original productions: motion pictures; short films; documentaries; series and new content. Join is live in Monaco or online.

Gala Awards and Dinner: Celebrate - Recognise

Join us and celebrate and recognise the best of on-demand content at The Monaco Streaming Gala Awards and Dinner. We will live stream the event to the world through our broadcast partners. Meet the recipients of the best of VOD production in the heart of Monte Carlo. Celebrate and enjoy the show. Dine in the plush surroundings of beautiful Monte Carlo with international film talent and film industry VIP’s. Watch and listen to performances from leading music artists.

The Reg Grundy Innovation Award – Acknowledge

We recognise and acknowledge the tremendous leaps forward in media technology, driven by passionate innovators striving to revolutionise the world of media and content. From innovation in content production, to a changing world in distribution and the technology supporting the dynamic shift to a VOD consumer audience. We are seeking your suggestions for the 2022  Reg Grundy Innovation Award.


With many years of experience in and around the film and short-content production world our team combines studio and streaming executives; film and content producers; film financiers and music scoring and soundtrack backgrounds.

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